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Our cardiology service offers an early diagnosis as well as a follow-up and control of your cardiac
pathologies. We use last generation diagnostic equipment. More complex tests and surgeries are performed in our reference hospital.

Service Urology

We offer our patients an urological diagnostic unit, which addresses in a single medical act the study
of these organs and provides an immediate diagnosis and treatment for their pathology (benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder tumors, urethral lithiasis, renal, bladder, urethral stenosis).

Our team
devotes special attention to the disease of the prostate, one of the main reasons for consultation in
men from the age of 50.

Dentist / Implantology

We offer dental services for general reviews, cleanings, fillings, prostheses, dental implants and orthodontics. We place dental implants.


We have nursing staff for injectables, cures, sutures and simliar.


Our team offers treatment of traumatic injuries before and after surgery, vertebral pathologies and injuries associated with internal medicine pathologies. We have various therapeutic support

Ginecology & Obstetrics

We offer a wide service in the field of this specialty: Including on the one hand the diseases of the
genital tract of women as well as their prevention. We put in your hands our accumulated experience in knowledge and techniques such as gynecological ultrasound, contraception, gynecology of childhood and adolescence, menopause, and many others.

It includes on the other hand the comprehensive care of our pregnant patients. We perform diagnostic tests such as gynecological ultrasound in three and four dimensions and colour. Our doctors perform a continuous monitoring of the patient, with a friendly and close treatment.


We have specialists for the early detection of various ocular pathologies and their treatment. We
have sundry new generation equipment for the exhausting exploration of the eye in its complexity.
Surgeries are performed in our reference hospital.


We offer diagnosis and treatment of infectious, oncological, traumatic, congenital and degenerative
pathologies that can occur in the ear, nasal passages, paranasal sinuses, pharynx and larynx.


We have widely trained personnel for the care of your feet. We treat different pathologies that can
occur, such as orthopedical and musculoskeletal disorders.


Our service treats pathologies of the locomotor system, whether they are traumatic, degenerative or
congenital. We have various diagnostic equipment. Surgeries are performed in our reference


We offer an all-around service to our patients either for pathologies related to the digestive system,
endocrine pathologies such as diabetes or thyroid diseases, or lung diseases.
Endoscopic studies are carried out in our reference clinic with highly specialized personnel with extensive experience.


In our center we put all our experience and technical means into ensuring the health of your skin, nails, hair, sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and mucosa. In this specialty we develop new treatments in constant evolution and precise diagnoses for all types of pathologies, including venereal diseases.
Minor surgeries are performed on site and major surgeries are referred to our reference hospital.

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